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NASA Apollo 11 space mission to the moon.


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Naming conventions have come under attack, and now we can apparently no longer assign a particular gender to pins and sockets.
Surely as long as you use both genders impartially, no bias can be claimed :cool:
And of course there have been hermaphrodite connectors of many variations, pretty much since electricity came in to use!


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Do we have to simply fold and now call them LGBTQI connectors, re-engineer them to connect in any possible combination of protruding/hollow styles at substantial cost, or do we draw a line and tell "Princess" to suck it up?
look up "GenRad connector" the problem with those is they are very expensive

what are they proposing, that we label connectors as "innie and outie"?

electrical engineering isn't the only industry that would be affected, pipe fittings also use the same terminology for example. i don't see the point in changing internationally recognized standards because "somebody's feelings might be hurt". in electrical engineering, ambiguity can get people killed. a 15kV source connected to an exposed pin on a front panel is a lot more dangerous than connecting it to a socket.

the whole thing about the constantly growing acronym reminds me of "Hubert Wolfe +988" where the "+988"
refers to the number of letters in his surname after the initial "Wolfe".

i am beginning to get annoyed at the whole "WOKE" thing. it's like being carjacked and being forced to go along for the ride. i wish the left would stop trying to force this country to fit their mold, they should go somewhere and start their own country if they want their socialist utopia. it's not hard, people have been doing that for thousands of years, and there's still a huge amount of uninhabited land in the world.

(Runs into the tunnel with tracks that has a strange loud rumble and an air horn
let me guess, you were following fox tracks, then rabbit tracks, and now train tracks?
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If it were up to me, all the do-gooders and radical-types, who insist on forcing their views upon everyone else, should be shipped off to an island where they can be free to practice their crap on each other, and leave the rest of us in peace!!


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let me guess, you were following fox tracks, then rabbit tracks, and now train tracks?
Nah I don't hash run in packs particularly into dark tunnels even if there was mentioning of free ice cream at the other end! :sorry: all that free ice cream....

Placed something out of context unto

This is an.... analogy placed within metaphor. of sorts. (I see problems worsening too often more than)

Pack mentality and so on. Down that tunnel we all go? eventually? Only to face the instigators reflections in the mirror at the end of said tunnel if it ever does end? Is it all ways some one else's fault for not solving the problems of others that have yet been thought of only to add to arguments currently in progress? ohh, please take a number and wait on the isle stated to the martyr. Their numbers gain whilst the margins fain.

Now how can problems possibly exist if the will to solve them never can?

no requirement to answer any.


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IMO, the problem is largely due to political correctness, "everyone is included"
Funny how the Republican initiative (no child left behind) is the root of this problem yet most people blame liberals.

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