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mysterious component

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I have a 16 pin chip with the following details on it: "PT 8A263P Z0231NW" and I absolutely do not know what it is. If anyone had any idea, I shall be most grateful!

Dean Huster

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Street address?

Barn, that looks like a "house number" to me. IBM and Western Electric use house numbers all the time. In case you don't know, a house number is an internal number, more or less a part number, assigned by the manufacturer, and as such, is usually an internal secret. The IC may be a very common device, such as a 74LS192, but you'll never know that by the number printed on the IC unless you have some company confidential cross reference. Using one of the Internet data sheet look-up sites will be worthless in this case. Sorry.



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Re: Street address?

Perhaps you could try to use a ICtester if it is a logic IC (TTL or CMS)
you may find out its reference.
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