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My PWM code to generate 40KHz seems to have a problem? im using ATmega32

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I wrote code to use ATmega32's "Phase and Frequency Correct" PWM mode. The clock speed is set to 8MHz and I wrote the code so that it generates a 40KHz square wave on the PD5 output pin. This is basically for a Ultrasonic project I'm working on.

Here's my code:

int PING()
// Use this FORMULA for TOP:
/* TOP/ICR1 = Clock_Speed / (2 * Prescaler *
Output_PWM_Frequency) */

// Thus ICR1 = 8000000 / (2 * 1 * 40000) = 100

// Make PD5 as output pin
DDRD = 0b00100000;
PORTD = 0b00100000;

// Turn off PWM while we set it up
TCCR1B |= 0;
TCCR1A |= 0;

// Setup the timer --> 16-bit Phase/Frequency Correct PWM mode with Pre-scaler = 1
TCCR1B |= (1 << WGM13);
TCCR1B |= (1 << CS10);

// Setup the Compare Output to be set to toggle mode. See pg.108 in datasheet
TCCR1A |= (1 << COM1A0);

// Set ICR1 so the output toggles at 40KHz
ICR1 = 100;

// Set the Comparator so we're at 50% duty cycle
OCR1A = ICR1 / 2;

When I use my PC Oscilloscope to observe for any waveforms coming out of the Ultrasonic transducer, nothing comes up on the screen.

Now it could be due to:
a) Something wrong with my code. Any ideas?:confused:


b) A battery that's almost out of steam. :mad:I have a regulator circuit that steps down voltage to 5V, for this, I have a 9V rated battery that measures just over 6V with a multimeter.

Thanks everyone..
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