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Musical Greeting Card

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Nigel Goodwin

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Hi guys, thanks for the input. I forget to state I only need a couple of these circuits as I'm making them for a few friends. After googling, I found something that might do:

Plain recordable greeting card - RNIB Online Shop

I can't afford to buy 1000's of these really. I'd really like to make one.
If you only need a couple, buy the ones from the link - they look absolutely ideal for what you require.


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Greeting Card

If you have a Hallmark Card Shop in your area, I heard or saw a commercial for a recordable Mothers Day card just last week. I was going to my local store and see if the cards were on sale.:D


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Hehe. :) That is good however I'm not sending this to my mother.
Well, Excuuuuuuuussssssseeeeeee meeeeeeeee!:(

Take the electronic guts out of it and use it where you want.:D
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