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MP3 Based Doorbell

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Hey there,

I am trying to design an MP3 based doorbell providing at a minimum the owner with the option of multiple and changeable tune selection:)

can anyone guide me in the right direction please


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If you have to ask it is going to be very difficult to build. It is not an easy project.

If you start with one of these MP3 MINI BOARDS it will make the project less difficult.

Hook the MP3 board up to a uC with the SPI interface. You will need a user interface. Either hook it to a PC or add a LED display.

Are you still interested ?



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I think you can record the mp3 music as you play it on your computer. For this, I think you can use an IC like the ISD2532. and then use it in the doorbell that you wish to design.

A typical application circuit is available in the datasheet of ISD2532. Try going through it.

The page above contains the datasheet and i have attached the typical application circuit below.


Hey is anyone interested in a project about TCP performance and enhancement mobile ad hoc networking (MANET). i bet you one thing it is an interesting topic to discuss

Any views please let me know.
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