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movable road divider


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hi everyone,

I am trying to build an IoT-based movable road divider (median). I'm using Arduino Atmega 2560 as my microcontroller. This is how I want to go about it:

A ultrasonic sensor picks up sound signals based on intensity and sends it to the microcontroller. The microcontroller controls a servomotor which can move in either left or right direction. Also attached to the microcontroller is an LCD screen which shows the direction in which the servomotor is to move. There are also LED bulbs of three different colours which indicate the 3 possible positions of the servomotor at anytime ( static, about to move or moving).

kindly come up with a schematic design and any arduino program used.


Ian Rogers

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Dan Soze

I would really like to know what roadway this controller will be installed on.

I would like to avoid that road, and the department, canton, or province, maybe the country perhaps event the continent just to be safe.

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