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Mount St. Helens Glacier

Discussion in 'Alternative Energy' started by crashsite, Jul 3, 2008.

  1. Mikebits

    Mikebits Well-Known Member

    May 24, 2008
    San Diego, Ca
    I hope I did not come off preachy sounding here. I just hate to see two nice folks get into a misunderstanding and develop hard feelings. Like I said, I am sure it is just a comm error :) Now I will shad up and mind my own beez wax.
  2. crashsite

    crashsite Banned

    Nov 20, 2007
    ...But, getting one's panties in a bunch can be hilarious. It makes you walk funny and a zany time is had by all...

    Well, actually I think you were initially saying that you thought it was fine that others might try to do some environmentally sound stuff and then...just maybe...you might consider it. Then, when challenged, decided that you really meant that you essentially thought that anyone who would tell anyone else what they should do is pretty much a pompous busybody.

    And...that may be true. But, I think it's even more true that I, personally, would rather try to figure out how to do some of it myself...and, try to convince others they should also do so...than to sit around and wait for the government to legislate it for us (which, in my opinion is surely coming and, in fact, is already occurring).

    Of course, I also realize that a lot of what you are saying is mostly just an attempt at being contrary.......
  3. killivolt

    killivolt Well-Known Member

    Mar 12, 2008
    Social Imparitives.

    I'm sure no one wanted to have the government step in to resolve the country's consumption of anything during wwar II to fuel the ongoing economy.

    Which supplied the mechanism of war at that point we are told to do our part as an American and that is was our civic duty.

    I don't know if your realizing anything at all. But there is a battle at every point and your embroiled along with me in it.

    There's is an ongoing battle to destabilize the economy which fuels the war.

    Maybe if their lucky enough to even to drag the country down causing civil unrest (like Russia) bringing us to a halt.

    Here's a small (science fiction) scenario of what could happen.

    This will now open the door to (organized crime) pulling at the seams of liberty's you now have and will be taken under martial law. This can only happen when someone decides it's about me don't force me into anything concept.

    Of course it will be necessary to have the U.N. step in to calm the situation temporarily try 30 million Chinese troops as they come rumbling across the bearing straight by force or allowed by both our Government and Canada's.

    True, but this is about how one should maybe see using Hybrid technology's. Therefor establishing new concepts if employed could result in common everyday practices behavior. This will allow this technology's to serve mankind at large. It will therefor be unnecessary to consume every drop of oil or exploit all our natural recourses in order to please someone.

    OK, so lets all drive big pig drinking vehicles and enjoy ours selfs without reason ? And furtherer infuse money to blow up our boy's and girls embroiled in a conflict they never wanted or asked for.

    kv (Go ahead have fun) take me apart.

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