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Motorcycle data logging??

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I'm looking to build a data logger for my motorcycle taking feeds from:

the speed sensor
the throttle position sensor
the tachometer

I have a basic understanding of electronic circuits and programming PIC controllers, so could probably put something together that will accept the signals from these sensors. But I have no idea how to go about storing the information I get from these sensors onto an onboard flash chip, and then how to get that information onto my computer (USB interface of some kind?).:confused:

Once I have the info on a computer I am able to write a program to interpret and graph it so it's just the middle bit that's the problem (I hope):rolleyes:

Any pointers or direction to books/websites that might help would be most welcome!;)


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I dont recall who makes them but there are already made devices for doing that. Check with the aftermarket dealers that work with the custom racing and drag bikes. They all use data logging systems for performance tweeking.


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There are products on the market (such as Motec) that produce these types of systems - in the £1000's to buy and predominantly for fuel injected motors.

Then there is a Bazzaz system which uses the sensors I have mentioned to create a form of traction control based on rate of acceleration - again for fuel injected systems and around about a grand to buy.

I'm looking at playing with a project that does something similar to the bazzaz system but in a more generic manner, but with a carburettor system - and hopefully for much less than £1000.

I have the ability to program the PIC and write the software, and while I could work out the electronic circuit over time through reading and browsing, I thought I'd try here for a few short cuts into the flash circuit and computer interface
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