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Modification of Low-Noise RF Amp Design

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Kilo Echo

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I am fabricating the following circuit but have no use for the CTRL (BYPASS CONTROL) function.
How should I delete this without affecting performance? Should the 1k Ohm resistor be installed and terminated? Or should it be eliminated? If eliminated, would the value of the next resistor change?
Thank you.



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Looking at the Maxim datasheet for the MAX2664,

On page 11, it states:
Active Bypass Mode Control

The devices’ RFOUT/CTRL pin is used to control the bypass mode of the LNA. When set to logic-high through an external 1kΩ resistor, the devices’ active mode is enabled. Conversely, when connected to logic-low, the devices’ bypass mode is enabled. An external DC-blocking capacitor should be used to isolate the control function of this dual-purpose pin (see the Typical Application Circuit).
So to enable the amplifier, connect the floating end of the 1k resistor to Vcc and it should work OK.

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