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Minature MCB or other options??

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Im contemplating replacing 2 10 amp fuses on the 230 volt supply to my PCB with a 2 pole MCB.

This would eliminate a number of problem for me but the MCB is a bit tight for space (and price) in the enclosure.

Ive checked around suppliers and the 2 pole MCBs they recommend are all standard 34 mm with no recommendations for smaller units.

Does anyone have any experience with some thing that would suit, maybe a PCB mounted MCB or over current/short circuit protection device that can replace a fuse?



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What about replacing the two fuses with thermal fuses? They reset after a bit of time.
Something like so, perhaps. Automotive Wire, Terminals, Wire Loom
Scroll down to circuit breakers. Click on Mini Ckt breaker.
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I had considered that but at the moment there is a fuse in the live line and a fuse in the neutral line.

This is required in case some one inserts the wires in the opposite polarity.

However this means that if the netutral wire fuse blows the board is still live providing a potential hazard.

i need both fuses to blow at the same time which is why i was going down the thought process of something ike a 2 pole MCB.
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