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mikroc usart receiving problem

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hi guys solve my some matter with mikroc usart terminal
i m using following program
data is sent but i m unable to see any received data on uart terminal
my program is
void main()
unsigned char MyError, Temp;
Soft_Uart_Init(PORTB, 0, 1, 9600, 0);
for(; ;)
Temp = Soft_Uart_Read(&MyError); // Read a byte
} while(MyError);
Soft_Uart_Write(Temp); // Send the byte
// Increment byte
sent status sometimes gets red but mostly remains green
should i use another terminal for receiving , tell please where i m wrong.


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Try this out
unsigned short data = 0, ro = 0;
unsigned short *rec;

void main() {
  er = &ro;

  // Init (8 bit, 9600 baud rate, no parity bit..)
  Soft_Uart_Init(PORTB, 1, 2, 9600, 0);

  do {
    do {
      data = Soft_Uart_Read(rec); // Receive data
    } while (!*rec);
    Soft_Uart_Write(data);        // Send data via UART
  } while (1);
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