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Microwave oven just died...

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First, this thing is older then most of the forum members, so not overly concerned about actual repair, but can't hurt (hopefully) to take a look. I've had it for 17-18 years, and it was old and well used when I got it. It's small and simple, just turn the dial and it start (well use to...). Few years ago, it stopped timing. Anyway, I heard a sound like the electric can opener, lasted only a second or so. The can opener is plugged into the same outlet, and worked, so not a power issue.

Anyway, figured I'd let it set for a while, then see if if it magically fixed itself (doubtful, never failed before). Kind of like to get a few saftey tips before opening it up to see W.T.F. , mostly just curious what killed it, but if it's something fixable with parts on hand likely will. Been meaning to get a newer one for years, just this one worked well, and modern digital appliancees seem to expire shortly after the warranty...

Yes, I know that there are dangerous high voltages, huge capacitors, large transformers can store a charge like a capacitor, don't plug it in with the cover off, ect... I hate getting shocked, and overly caution in risky situations. Just looking for a little insight into what I can expect see, and how best to discharge the capacitor(s), don't think the screwdriver method would be the best choice. The pop from a strobe cap is about my limit on discharge...


It could be a number of things.

Bad megnetron.
A bad rectifier.
A shorted turn in the transformer (unlikely).

The rectifier is pretty easy to test but a standard multimeter diode test function won't work, a 12V supply and a small car instrument panel light bulb should do the job.
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