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Mathematically build a VAWT.

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Hello all,

I'm new to the forum and hoping that people can help me.
I want to build a VAWT for a college project.
But as this is a engineering project I need to in some way provide mathematical proof.

Firstly I want to design and build the axial generator. Now I'm using Faraday's law this is fine but does not tell me the gauge of wire.
So firstly want to design a axial generator using formulas.
Can some one please help.


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Welcome to ETO!
Most VAWT projects start with a commercially available alternator.
Are you really going to build an alternator? If so, the maximum current it's expected to output will be a major factor in determining wire gauge. Output voltage, winding space available and heat dissipation also need to be considered. Don't forget Ohm's Law :)
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