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Math Help

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May i know how to solve this cot equation, i cant get the final answer if i will to use 1/tan

-j75 x cot [ 2x 3.142/30] = -j 352 ohm
Anyone can advise me?Thanks.


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Here goes... You need to be working in radians:

Assume 3.142 = pi (this will give you a more precise result)

2pi/30 = 0.209

tan 0.209 = 0.212.

1/tan = cot = 1/0.212 = 4.705

j75 x 4.705 = j352.8

I am trying to relate this to something electronic, but cannot.

Is this an equation related to a complex impedance (capacitive if we are talking -j)

Please advise

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