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making power inputs in eagle

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I have a schematic for a dual IF amp which is 1 board in a series. I want to have simple solderable
vias for power input(or test points) instead of on board connectors. If I just show 12v with the arrow, or a GND symbol on the schematic, the board doesn't construct any ports. How can I indicated in the schematic that I want a powered hole?


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I think some where in a library there is a "test point". The schematic shows a symbol. The PCB side has many different options. (hold size and pad size) I think you need to add a test point to the schematic. OR You can use a 1 pin connector. OR You can add a two pin connector for Power and Gnd. (0.1 spacing)
You can add a "via" to the trace. It does not show on a schematic but it does give you a hole and a trace. This is done in layout and not in schematic.


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Agree with Ron, test points or solder pads. However, I'd avoid using a via as the solder mask insulates them.


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