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Making PCB's /w Transparencies - help!

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just bought a kit from mg chemicals (from what i hear there the best to get your pcb making materials from) and i have a question..

Is a UV light set required or would it be possible to just leave a transparency /w glass covering out in the sun? or does it take very very direct uv light in order to work?

just wondering because it would be nice if you could do it without having to spend the money on the uv lights, but im not sure because ive never made my own pcbs before..

any additional tips are appricated!



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Hi Richie,

The short answer is 'Yes', the sun is actually a good tool for doing this job. However, the UV index for the day should be quite high and you should try to face the board directly to the sun.

You will need to experiment with exposure times, which will be variable everytime. This is why buying the UV light is better, because you can predict exactly how long it will take to get the job done. The sun is a good source though, since it is fairly collimated (2 degrees)..

I am actually working on a secret exposure unit and will be done in a few months.. I will let everyone know after I decide whether or not to get it patented.


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