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LTSpice - Move horizontal axis to center of plot

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Is it possible to move the horizontal axis so that it matches the vertical axis' 0 in LTSpice?
Instead of:

http://imgur.com/eYcBMe3 (horizontal axis at -5!)

it would look something like

http://imgur.com/geqv2B3 (horizontal axis at 0)

It's really annoying, because when plotting a function the x axis usually matches the y = 0, so it makes comparing graphics a bit confusing.


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there are at least 2 ways to achieve this
  1. left-click the y-legend , set manually the Top , Tick , Bottom
  2. right-click the plot plane , select (by left-click) the Add Trace , (for your case) 6A , AND the same way -6A
in case there are some startup fluctuations change your I(R1) (← right-click on it to edit the) formula to uramp(6-(uramp(6-(I(R1)))-6))-6 where 6 sets the ±clipping points
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