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looks like terminal block [solved]

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Hi forum.

I've disassembled an obsolete wattmeter (for electrical billing - and it was found in trash, so no illegal doing at here) (Siemens "Landis & Gyr Dialog"), and just next to the main terminals - there are this extra set of smaller terminal blocks that are avaiable from the outside of the box (can see the numbers from outside of casing).

Now - I guess that the purpose of those is for manual measurement by using a multimeter.

But I also cannot stop thinking that it acually does look like there may be some spring loaded mechanism inside, and for that maybe it is possible to temporarly keep a wire or pin from falling.
Have tried to stick a small screwdriver and jerking around the metal inside, but cannot make it move - or make room to insert a wire in between.

So my question - do I get this wrong?
And second question - is there a terminology for this kind?



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They are generically "Cage clamp" type terminals.

With that particular one, if you push an appropriate small screwdriver in the upper slot, the lower one will open so a wire can be inserted or removed.
Some types have a button to open the terminal, either protruding or flush.

(They are the Wago ones Odin mentions; we use the exact same type in some gear we build).


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Thank you very much. I've understand (and tried) how to use a screw driver to push it open :)
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