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unknown component

  1. K

    Need help interpreting an old circuit diagram: Transistor and RF Transformer

    I will start by apologizing for asking what may be very simple questions; I am a scientist who has built some simple circuits before, but I am not by any means an expert in circuitry. I am trying to build a simple circuit based on a diagram in a modern laboratory textbook, but the textbook's...
  2. X

    RGB Controller - Unknown Chip

    Recently I've been fiddling around with this RGB LED board out of an Illuminated Arcade Joystick. Right now, it has a set of pre-programmed sequences that light up different LED combinations and change the overall RGB colour. This is all controlled by transistors carrying the supply voltage and...
  3. Grossel

    looks like terminal block [solved]

    Hi forum. I've disassembled an obsolete wattmeter (for electrical billing - and it was found in trash, so no illegal doing at here) (Siemens "Landis & Gyr Dialog"), and just next to the main terminals - there are this extra set of smaller terminal blocks that are avaiable from the outside of...

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