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Looking for Schematic for a Hitachi 55" inch LED Tv POWER MODULE MP1-1450 1MF22-1


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Hello, This TV is driving me nuts. The LEDs work checked each strip. Have replacement boards, panel does not looked damaged. The TV model number is LE55A6R9
and It was given to me without a remote and power cord. Ordered those and ended up ordering the LED strips and used replacement Tcon, power supply, and main boards, an LED tester. I should not have taken the TV or at least keep spending money on it but, I am hard headed.

I would appreciate some advice or if anyone knows how I can get the schematic. I have the Hitachi service manual for this TV but, the power supply board schematic is not in it.

Nigel Goodwin

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For a start you like to mention what country you're in?, certainly in the UK Hitachi don't make any TV's, Hitachi sets are just cheap Vestel models re-badged - many of which have nothing to with Hitachi (they sell the name to retailers, to put on anything they like).

If it is a Vestel, then the schematic is most probably available, and can be found using the Vestel number off the PSU PCB - otherwise, it's VERY likely there's no schematic available at all, most sets in recent years don't have any schematics available, even to official service agents.


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all service shops get these days in the service manual are troubleshooting (to board level) info and parts lists (which these days list the panel, maybe the tcon board if it's not already part of the panel, power supply board and main board, and most manufacturers aren't providing cosmetic parts anymore). if there are any schematics that exist, they exist only in the factory and the manufacturers engineering department. parts costs (panel or main pcb) are usually priced above the cost of a new TV. ribbon cables and other internal cables have been dropped from most parts lists as well. the idea is (besides streamlining their supply chain for replacement parts) once it's out of warranty and it breaks, buy a new one.

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