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Looking for a small parts organizer will allow resisters to be stored parallel to the drawer face

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This may seem trivial, but you want what you want.

I have some older Akro-Mils small parts organizers that allow resisters, diodes and the like, to be stored parallel to the face of the drawer.
Akro-Mils no longer makes this 2-1/2" (inside measurement) of drawer width.

I also like the depth of the older drawers. They are only 1" deep so it is easy to get your fingers inside particularly if the partitions are deployed close together.

I have scrutinize the web looking for a different brand that might accommodate my needs.

It seems that all brands either offer a 2-1/8" or a much wider like 4" width drawer.

I can not be the only one with this dilemma.

Anybody have a tip to offer?

And a merry Christmas to all



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Just cut the leads shorter so they fit the 2-1/8" drawer. I have never needed the full-length lead. Or, switch to lower wattage resistors that are shorter. Or, switch to SMD resistors -- resistance is futile.
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