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Looking for a schematic for a spark generator

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Hi all
I am looking for a schematic for a spark generator.

The power supply would be a 12v car battery.
I have a auto coil and condencer / spark plug but do not know how to hook it up to create a spark.

I am looking to create a hot continious spark.

Looks like a 555 timer may be part of the solution.

I am a begginer so complete clarity is nessesary.



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I've no experience with this but I'd try putting one of the PWM (Pulse Width Modulation) circuits together that have been posted here for DC motor or heater control. The output turns a power FET on/off. With a suitable FET and appropriate spike protection it might work. I printed out one of the articles (actually under home energy). One of the things I liked about it was that the parts were low cost and easy to obtain. The author did a nice job explaining how the circuit worked. I think this one ran at 400 Hz - might be good enough.


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i am also looking for a spark generator, tried using a relay at first to switch the current on/off but soon realised it was sparking inside the relay so no spark was being produced.
This is where i found the schematic for the 555 circuit (above) but just a couple of questions, would the 12v/6A supply kill the 555? and there is no protection for the transistor?
I am going to start building the circuit but i would just like to know what changes should be made to the circuit as i am fairly new to electronics!


Sherif Welsen

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what is the spark generator ???
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