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Load cell - summing

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I want to measure the weight of a container of fluid. I want to just use 2 load cells on the front 2 LEGS (of 4).
Can I just parallel up the 4 wires to sum the weight on the 2 legs and treat as a single load cell? What are the disadvantages of doing that vs taking 2 independent channels & adding them mathematically in the microprocessor?

Being liquid, the load will always be UDL. I'm not worried about inaccuracies due to tilting as the load cells compress; I believe it to be negligible.

Thank you.


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hi ff,
It is common practice to wire load cells of the same type in parallel.
Some users add a 'summing circuit' PCB, this is to balance the two load cells on zero/span.

You may find this PDF useful. [Ref Page #45]


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Great doc, many thanks.
I have no idea what sort of accuracy I'll get when I parallel up 2 x cheap chinese load cells from ebay. I should be finding out soon
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