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LM386 minimal circuit


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Can't you copy the video and put it on You Tube then anybody can see it?

The simulator program LTspiceXVII that most of us use is a free online download and is available here:
YES I could to that but I have forgotten my YouTube password. I have guessed and guessed kept notes to make use I did not guess the same passwords and still can not get on. YouTube has no option to recover a password. I already have several videos on you tube. I tried to open a new account but message says, the email is already used. I remember my user name but not the password. If I have 2 accounts then I have to remember user name, email and password for both. I use to be on several forums each one has its own rules about how the password must be made up of both, lower case letter, upper case letters, at lease 1 number, some require 2 number or other things like @#$%&* simbles. WHO can remember all that, not me I have to keep a note book. I had all my passwords saved on my computer then it crashed now I can't long on to anything. Some places only allow 5 guesses every 24 hours. I give up, I don't care anymore.

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