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little problem with lm35


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I just read the datasheet for maybe the 100 time in my life but the lm35 is really a 4 to 30 volt chip datasheet did say 4 to 5.5 at one time they changed that.
This is my problem I hook it up thinking what the heck I can get away with 3.3 volt supply nope that gives way lower reading then using a 5 volts supply.

So I read the data sheet and it said the lm35 can output a max of 6 volts if supply is high enough well 5 volt a guess maybe 4.3 high max
But I don't see it going over maybe a 1 volt max.

So I should be ok with it using 5 volt as long as the output never goes over 3.3 looks like that would never happen at 0 to 30c


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hi be80.
As you know the LM35 is rated for a single supply of 5V, to work from +2C thru +150C, at 10mV/C change.
So that's 150 * 0.01V = 1.5V


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That was my take too that it never get above 1.5 O figure maybe more like 1 volt Im never going to heat my house to 150C lol

Maybe 26 to 28 c
Now to figure where I can get 5 volts easy the board only has 3.3 broke out .

dr pepper

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A 7660 will double the volts for you with just a few caps and the chip.

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