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LED Multiplex Current Requirements

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I’m doing a 16 rows & 48 column LED matrix design. I’m scanning rows @ 1/16th rate. Designed for 4mA average current to the LEDs. I’m doing a 5V design, but For LEDs I can increase supply more than 5V.

One row will take 4mA X 16 X 48 = 3072mA. But this is maximum it will be less than this…!!!

1) To supply above current is my base resister value ok?
2) To make it better performance is there any optional transistor value than MOSFETs?
3) To make my LEDs brighter is my LED supply voltage 5.4V enough?



I am not offending you.....

This is a begineer's design. You need a lot of PICs to control them like this. I don't see the matrix pattern here. "5.4VDC" is a dangerous supply for MCUs, their maximum is "5.5VDC".

This circuit is what you need.

LED displays are very energy consuming and inefficient. An LCD is better.


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No, The PIC have a 5V supply.Only for LEDs I have a variable power supply.You dont need lots of PICs.YOu just need only one PIC.
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