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LED flashing/scrolling panel

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i am looking to make a scrolling/flashing LED panel for the rear panel on m camaro as shown in this video.

i can make my own PCB's using the laser printer etch method seen here Make PCBs at home with magazine paper and your laser printer

I have some Photos of his wiring etc but i have no clue what is needed to get the different actions of the leds to different functions of the car (flash when braking etc etc). i assume it uses some sort of micro controller.

i need a controller that i can accept a low voltage signal from the brake light wire and output that to the led matrix via static on. or accept input from a turn signal wire and output that to half of the matrix flashing or scrolling.

basically i need either and off the shelf controller or help designing a controller

these are the pictures i have of his system

[i apologize for being so needy but i have never done anything that requires a micro controller. and i have tried researching them but am thoroughly confused
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