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LCD SPI projects.


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I've been working on a test PCB using 18LF4520 PIC (3.3V). If it's suitable can you use these pinouts please.

If you're all in full flight and this isn't the time to change, I can change either the PCB or the pinouts later, so no problem.

It has a 5110 connection, but any LCD that you are working on can be easily fitted.

Note: the onboard Barometer module, will be changed to a BPM 280 which is mounted on a separate mini PCB.
Note: The extra PINs are for connections on the other side of the PCB. (Hopefully, I will make double sided next time)

EDIT: don't use these, there are errors with MOSI MISO.



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Apologies Cam... We hijacked the thread for a tad!!!
Hi I,
Apologies absolutely not necessary, I'm enjoying all of the inputs.
I have been concentrating more on the PCb, so not really keeping up with all of your efforts, but they look interesting.


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5Mhz SPI... Wow you are nearly at the limit.... I think most devices ( LCD's) are okay up to 10Mhz
hi Nigel, Ian.
Checked the SPI clock on the scope, it confirms 200nSec rate.
Changed the SPI Func to a Proc as a ret value is not required on the 9225 TFT LCD
Also replaced the call spi(xxx) in often used Proc's, to the actual SPI code.

''''Call wr_spi8(color.HB)
spi8 = SSPBUF
SSPBUF = color.HB

I appreciate this uses more code space, but it bypasses the clunky Oshonsoft Basic Proc code calls.

Running the PIC alongside a Arduino UNO, doing screen colour fills, the PIC is now faster!!.


Ian Rogers

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I appreciate this uses more code space, but it bypasses the clunky Oshonsoft Basic Proc code calls.
Should use a lot less code... Software SPI is quite a few lines...

Whoops!! I see what you mean.. Duplicating the SSPBUF write!! You could use the old "GOTO" instead of duplicating the write!!

P.S.... Also you could have a macro in assembly that does the write!!
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Hi All,
Here are the corrected double sided PCB files:


I use SVG files for printing to etch as they keep the same size, so PINs etc line up. I'm unable to upload them. If there's a way, I can post them.

Here are the modules for the PCB:
There is provision for using different LCd modules, by changing or using vacant connections.
There are 4x spare analogue PINs
It has a connection for on board programming (Pickit3)


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