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Lcd screens?

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I like to use materials I have on hand to do little projects, alot of time the means recycling parts from unused electronics. So that leads to my question. What would it take to yank an lcd screen off of something and use it? This is either a small screen from a photoviewer (screen is like 1.5" wide) or a character screen. So what does it take?


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A spec sheet, mainly. The problem with this is there's nothing like a standard pinout for the connector, or even a standard interface. I have a box of various surplus LCD's from phones and things I never found documentation for.

If you want to get a 1.5" LCD or OLED display going, there are several web sites that have new ones for sale with documentation and even controllers. A new OLED that size is cheaper than you might think. Look at some of the ones from 4D Systems, or the Dontronics site.


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I hacked an old depth meter of a boat and earned a 640x480 RGB color LCD. Found the controller and googled the datasheet. GEIL!!!!!
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