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LCD project


New Member
can you configure an LCD display thru the pc to display a simple routine of text graphics whatever and store that in a pic chip so you can use the lcd without the pc and with just power up the lcd ???


New Member
Whoa, prime example of not being nearly enough specific. Please elaborate on which display you are using, that is of prime importance. I have seen a few sites around where people have controlled some 2 X 16 modules via windows hyperterminal..



New Member
ok first i dont havce the lcd yet ... and it can be controll by hyper terminal because as i said after configure the lcd in the computer and store that instructions in a pic i want to be able to power up the lcd from any right source and display the routines store in the pic..

what i want is how to write the pic code and make the circuit to connect the pic with the display and store those commands or routines in the pic.

can be something like this

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