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LCD Display

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Dear all,

I took out a Big LCD Display from my old 12 digit Calculator.

I dont know how to use it . I found "TC007A" marked at the back of the


I want to use it by interfacing with my computer or with other



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Most likely this is a house part# that won't mean much to anyone. Maybe if you can, attach a picture of it here.

Or you might try this... take a 3v battery with leads and clip the negative to a lead of the display and quickly touch the positive to the other leads of the display to see if you get anything. If not, then clip your ground to another lead and repeat till some segments light up. If you get a flash thats too bright, try a 1-1/2v battery. In this way you can map out the connections on paper and someone could help you from there. :)

p.s. if you get nothing, it may have common anodes (positives) so switch the polarity.


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The LCD work with AC voltage, DC is dangerous for LCD. I'm sure the calculator display is a multiplexed type, so for interfacing need a special chip.
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