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Knocked off sm resistor heeelp :/

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I have a gy1145 uv sensor which im playing setting up on my Rasp Pi/ I had it working and moving to outside in a box but upon moving the terminals from the bottom to the top i seem to have knocked the resistor and never to be seen again.
I can find info on what the resistor is and hoping one for you smart people may help.
Also if you can work out what value, would i be able to replace with a standard resistor just to get it working, Ive orders a new 2 from china (3 weeks wait at $3.40 each, or $22 each local :eek: )

i look forward to your help.



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It appears to be connected between the bottom two pins which are Vin and Gnd so probably just a decoupling capacitor and almost any similar size (0805 ?) ceramic cap will work - 0.1μF to 10μF.

Edit, changed fron nF to μF,
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