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Jaguar X-type key fob.


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You are so lucky.
I did that on my (not a Jaguar) and it lasted 6 months. Then soldered it again. If you can keep pushing off death 6 months at a time …...
If you push the buttons softly it will last longer. Some people think that the fob will transmit farther if you push harder.


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That's a good one to watch for in the future.
Some fobs are common to a number of manufacturers, and might show problems sooner/later than others.



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I see a lot of bad remotes in my line of work. Most oem remote failures are from moisture getting in and causing some type of havoc. Gm's are famous for the small caps deteriorating. Aftermarket is typically always just poor components and bad solder joints. Especially at the battery holders. Can't say I have seen to many with the ic having bad joints so hopefully it will hold up for you with no problems. The oem jag remotes are built pretty well.


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For info, various Jaguar and Ford remote fobs are interchangeable; I have a Jaguar one (the folding key type) as a spare for my Mondeo.

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