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Is reducing a 36VAC simple?

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I have been trying to change alot of VAC's around and thanks to everyone for the help so far.

I was just delivered what I think is my last component. It's a simple solenoid valve that requires 24VAC to operate a N/C valve. I have been able to deliver the 36VAC that I've been trying to get (the manufacturer told be of a site for a simple 36VAC transformer).

Now, I need 24VAC. My first taught is to buy a cheap 24VAC transformer for this too. I don't think that something as simple as a solenoid needs anything special.

Any thoughts on this would be appreciated.


Depending on the solenoid current if you don't mind the power loss you can simply use a power resistor to drop the voltage. Should be far cheaper than a transformer depending on the current.
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