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is overcharge prevention ckt reqd for given ckt. combination

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pls.let me know the answer for this

A rechargeable battery (3volts/ 3 mAh) is connected in parallel to a

solar panel (capable of sourcing maximum of 3 volts in light intensity of 1,00,000 lux)

via a schottky diode (with a 0.2 volts forward voltage drop).

This is the charging circuit .

The discharge path consists of a watch movement(load of 1.5 M ohms) connected to the battery in parallel.

the questions are:

1. will overcharging of the battery take place
after the battery is fully charged to 3 volts and is still exposed to a
light intensity of 1,00,000 lux.

2. what is the effect of lightning and camera flash light on the solar panel?


The answer depends on the relative sizes of the panel and battery. A large panel with a small battery will destroy the battery in a short time without charge limiting, but if the panel is so small that it can only supply enough current to charge the battery in 50 hours or longer, the battery will deal with it. (put a series resistor in so the current is limited. Find the value by experiment)
Lightning and camera flash will cause no problems.


Man I'm glad you answered that first, I was about to say that lighting would destroy it. Didn't even consider that maybe he just meant the LIGHT from the lightning...
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