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iPod charging problem.

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Hi people, I'm new around here, so please help me:p. Several months ago (or I should say year ago), my iPod just ran out of battery. When I got home, I plug it into its usb cable to charge (because this ipod, i bought it from ebay, so it doesn't have a wall charger). But, the screen appeared this letter "Low battery", for hours. I know there is something wrong with it, is it because of the battery or something else? If it because of the battery than how could I troubleshooting that before go to Apple store?


What exact model of IPOD do you have?


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If this is a new Ipod and you are attatched to it don't do this but my old one did the same thing I reset it, it was fixed then it died again.
That cycle continued for several weeks, I threw it at the wall HEY PRESTO it works.
Just so long as i keep it plugged in though so i simply brought a new one.
One other thing, is your charger an apple one or a substitute?


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Try a new transfer cable first. I found that 30% of battery related issues are from a bad electric transfer.


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.... I threw it at the wall HEY PRESTO it works.
That's the best method for ornary electronics! I lost count of how many items I've smacked to get it working again!:eek:


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God i hate ipods for this reason, you pay lots of money for a device that does not have a battery door or even screws. a few years back apple was even sued over this type of problem. quick fix is to smash/thermite/run over with a car, and get a shiny new one and repeat in a few years :(
If you don't have nor wish to buy a plastic took for getting the little box of evil open i have seen a guitar pick used
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Sorry guys, I wanna give you some pictures which related to my Ipod problem. But there is 2 things I need to do first. First thing first, for some reasons, I can't find my Ipod :p (Don't know where it have been). Secondly, I'm having exams so I'll not be able to come here often. So I'll see you in summer (Hope I'll find my freaking Ipod). Thank you for your analysis.
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