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Inverter FIF1742-60A test

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2PAC Mafia


I have a monitor and I´ve found the problem is the back light. It uses inverter FIF1742-60A and I´ve seen for 1 or 2 seconds I have high voltage output. Now I´m wondering if the board itself have some problem due a feedback or similar or may be some of the lamp is not working and this is the reason why the inverter stops.

If I measure at lamp connectors I don´t get any resistance between terminals... on 4 connectors...

The brain of the board is MP1048.

How to test them? I have seen useful CCFL testers in Internet.


2PAC Mafia

I tested with another inverter and it´s the same situation so I´m pretty sure the problem is at CCFL... Now I see that measure no resistence is normal at CCFL :)

dr pepper

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I agree.
CCFL's are open till you reach the strike voltage, which can be 100's of volts.
Unless its a very expensive monitor is probably dead, but keep the boards if its a comon one.
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