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inverter diagram?????


New Member
Hi everyone

I have a small circuit for battery charger (6v) with an inverter to a light (small fluorescent shape ) which take a small amount of ac with (7w written on the light ).

the battery charge output is 6v and it's charged the battery.

The problem in AC inverter (the light don't give me light)

I tried to check the circuit and everything seemed OK.

How can I fix this problem?
Can You give me a small circuit for inverter which give me a small amount of power 7w??

Any help?????


Ahmed Hassan


New Member
I faced the same problem before 1 year.
the problem was in the battery. Replace the battery.
or check out the following
- is the fluorescent lamp working
- is the zener diod near to the charger power transistor O.K. if so.
- check thee switching transistors connected to the step-up transformer

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