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infrared transmission

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hie, my project involves an audio milivoltmeter attached to a chair and when the person in the chair talks or makes noise the audio milivoltmeter detects the nois, measures it and then transmits the readings via infrared transmission to a CPU or terminal where the readings are displayed.
Now the problem is, im not sure how to go about building the infrared transmission system and also the decoding needed by the system. Any solutions , diagrams or schematics are very much appreciated. Thank you.


Are you intending to measure the voltage with an ADC at the chair and transmit digital data to a receiver? Or do you just want to convert the voltage measurement from an electrical to an optical signal? There are pros and cons to each approach. Please clarify what you would like to do.


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Did you realize your proyect? When you finish, would you tell me the proposal of these mysterious "instrument".
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hi my project is an anti-theff for bikes infra red operated but i want the power switch to be remote controlled and also the reset pls how can i go about this i need a circuit diagram that will fit in to this .it is very urgent
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