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Infrared Remote Control

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Greetings everyone,

I am constructing this circuit as a hobby and I needed some guidance. I found a simple circuit in http://home.maine.rr.com/randylinscott/aug98.htm

Firstly, I wanted to know whether this circuit will work as I do not want to waste money on a circuit that doesnt work well.

2. I have some problems reading this circuit. Where will the output of NAND gate B,C and D connected to?

3. I am using a 240V AC as my mains supply. Therefore I need to modify the circuit of the second diagram. But I do not know how to modify it. Kindly please help me to design a suitable circuit for it.

Any help wold be greatly appreciately.



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2. B, C, D, gates unused and for lower power consumption the inputs connected to GND.
3. No need circuit modification, just apply a trafo with 230V primary and min. 600V triac.


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It's an optocoupler with triac output. Any type good for this application e.g. MOC 3021, or MOC3041 with zerocross switch.
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