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Inductive Proximity Switches?

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In my PLC class at school, we are trying to get an old Amitrol automated tray sorting machine to work with our Allen Bradley PLC's. My job is to try and get the proximity switches connected to the PLC.
Last week, I managed to connect it and it worked, now, but yesterday, I went to hook it up again and it wouldn't work. We tried different wire combinations for an hour and still no go.
The teacher is sure they are AC proxes but they all have 3 wires. (Black, Brown, and Blue) All the diagrams I found that showed a 3 wire hookup were DC Proxes. All the AC diagrams I found only had 2 wires to connect.
This is confusing me now. It worked before with 120AV but not now. Both I and the teacher are stumped.
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