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i ran across a formula and i would like to know what all of the variables are:

L = [(N^2) * μ * A] / l

im pretty sure l is length and A is area but i am confused about the rest.
any thoughts?


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L = [(N^2) * μ * A] / l

that is what i saw from you..

there are 2 formulas for L (inductance), one is given n (number of turns per unit length), and one is given total N (total number of turns)

A is the cross sectional area of the coil

l is the length of the coil

hope that helps.


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AL ( I can't subscript the 'L') might also be a factor that is supplied by a core manufacturer to calculate the number of turns required for a value of inductance. I use the factor when desigining toroidal inductors.
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