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Impedance equalizers & crossover networks

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I'm wondering how an Impedance Equalizer (a capacitor & resistor connected across the speaker terminals) should be intergrated into a low pass circuit where two 8Ω woofers are connected in parallel resulting in 4Ω?

Should I use an Impedance Equalizer for each woofer (basing the values of the equalizer on 8Ω) or just one Impedance Equalizer prior to the branching off of the wiring to each woofer, where the impedance is 4Ω & obtain the values for the resistor & capacitor based on 4Ω & ½ the voicecoil inductance of a single woofer?

Also, correct me if I'm wrong, but as the parallel woofer connection will result in the Low Pass filter reading 4Ω, I am basing the values of the inductor & capacitor (2nd order Linkwitz-Riley) on that specification.

Thanks for any help.
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