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Ignition modules ATOM, Levistronic, Nova... for a Vespa motor


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Hello, I am completely new here... I hope you don't mind my English knowledges.

I am interested in the mentioned electronic ignition modules for my Vespa engine.
At the moment I am using the Levistronic RP-5 which is rather expensive (~ € 100,-), but works fine.

I have read this tread about the Pink ATOM module, but I could not find out if such a module would work on an engine with 6 magnets on the flywheel?

Maybe some of you can answer this? For me, it is absolutely magic that such a device "knows", when the piston is at top dead center, allthough 6 similar magnets are passing the stator....

Thank you for your answers,
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The only way to find out if it works is try it.
Ok, then..... I will try. Allthough I am a little bit afraid that a spark every 60degrees of the crankshaft rotation might damage the engine....
But the Levistronic works without troubles and has no pick up or something like that.

Any idea how this can be?

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