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If anyone is looking for an FM receiver to make..please read

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Hello 2003 to all,

I have made a super-regenerative FM receiver that uses one MPF102 FET
transistor...with a total of 12 components in the receiver itself. Plus, adding on an LM386 circuitry to boost the audio signal.

...the sensitivity is great!
...the selectivity is also great!
...and the audio volume is clear and strong!

For whatever reason you make want to make this, I have all the plans for it. I call it the Radio Shack Special...since all of the parts may be purchased there. I wanted to make a very simple FM receiver, without one having to 'mail order' for a certain part.

So my friend, if this might be down your alley....I have the complete plans...plus also my personal assistance...should you need help along the project.

Just e-mail me at [email protected] and I will gladly give you all of what you will need to make the project a success!

I want to thank each and everyone who has taken the time out to read this post.


Patrick Cambre


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Great job brancambre500!
If you want to share your work with us why don't you post the plans over here? Everyone will get an easy access to it. Or if you want to put your plans in Projects section, give it to me I'll do that for you. :)


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Hello Sir Kinjal...

Yes, thank you for the kind offer. Whatever way you think is best.

I have a website for this project, but since my account is free, I have a limited bandwidth...and I am disabled around the middle of each month.
So I hesitate to have anyone to the site...unless they are interested in the Radio Shack Special...then I give them the site address.

I don't usually post my projects on other websites. The reason being, I am always updating the little jem...getting it better and better. If I had my project posted everywhere...that would take to much time to update all of the posts.

So that is the reason I have one just e-mail me personally...and then I personally send them my website address. It works out better than way...because then they will always have the most recent updated version of the project.

So, if you are interested in making the project, just give me a reply with my e-mail address, which is [email protected]

I thank yo again for putting input on this board.


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