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I need some ideas

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Hello there everybody. I'm new in here.
I was searching the internet for electronic tutorials, and I came throu this site, read a bit throu it, i think it's pretty nice. Also nice BBS layout, is it free? cause I really need a free BBS to put in my site.
Anywayz, this isn't what I posted my message for.
You see I just finished my 2nd year in the school of engineering (general electrical engineering, not yet specialized). I was thinking of making use of what I learned and try make an electronic device, I was thinking making a simple calculator. However, some told me it's gonna be pretty hard. I just need some ideas on what to do. To let you know what I studied related to electronics:

1) Electronic Materials
2) Physics of Electronic devices (Diode, BJT, JFET and MOSFET)
3) Circuits including the above devices (including some basic logic gates)
4) Electrical Circuits
5) Electromagnetic fields

The other subjects would be of no use on a small size project like the one I'm having in mind. Please provide me with ideas, link me to tutorials or send em if possible. Also if you would recommend a book or two, that would be cool.

Sorry for the long message, but it's my first.
Thanks in advance


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Well, first off, you can start by looking up an electronics archive, then pick the ones you want to make, and start ordering the parts, just make sure the place you're ordering from has all of them, because paying $5 on shipping for one part that wasn't avaliable at another online store or local store is just rediculous.

Here's a list of electronics archives.


Some of these have 100+ schematics, but finding one you want can be tricky, plus there's few dead sites (Everyone knows how on top of things Google is :p), but most are still good.
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