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I need Help!~

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i m facing a problem oof writing a program of using the micro processor...
i need to witer an event counter program, which need an external clock. the counter needed is from 0-19. on the 20th count, it activate the stepper motor


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U use a external clock. But is that the clock speed for your microprocessor or for the counters?

If it are the counters then put the clock on pin(in) that is ready for interupt and you count the interupts.

If you use a external clock for the internal clock speed then look in a datasheet you get by your microprocessor and then you know the pin to put it on, and just make a loop thats counts, or in asambler or C. In C u can use a for or a while loop,

If you need more then ask but you need to make yourself more clear then :p

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