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I m new,Need help with digital up-down counter

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Hey all, let me just start by saying that I am completely new to circuit boards and such. But I am looking to build my first simple device. I want this prototype to be as cost effective as possible and as small as possible. (no bigger than a cigarette pack.

Heres my ultimate goal: Have a slim box that has a large 2 digit digital display on the front, and a wheel on the side. When you turn on the device I want it to display 10 on the screen (as starting count). Then When you spin the wheel one direction, the number counts up. 11,12,13,14,15... Then when you spin the wheel the other direction...it counts down. Additionaly I would like the numbers to change colors depending on which number is displayed (not too important)

Now that is what I want to build my way up to, if that is too difficult for a beginner. For my prototype, I would be happy with:

a box with 3 buttons on it and a large 2 LED digit display :confused:on the front. It defaults to display 10, when the up button is pressed, it counts up 1, and the down button subtracts one from the number. Then the third button can be the reset button. I don't need color changing on the prototype. But I would like the numbers to be big and red.

One more question, I wuld love to make it with a LCD display and be able to display a custom font, or symbol....like instead of displaying 0, display a picture, or instead of 99, an infinity symbol...how much harder would that be? and how much more expensive?

Thanks for all your help!


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Do you know anything about micros? Because you will need one for your project.

Using a simple u/d counter will cause you some problems. But a question. You need this as a meter counter? Or just 0-99?

And what resolution you need to achieve? How many changes per circle? 1? 2? more?

A following circuit will be frustrating for you. I strongly recomend u/controller.

And a last word. If you use LCD, u/controller is an one-way solution.
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