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I am trying to construct a low fuel level sensor? HELP?

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I am having trouble figuring out what components that I can use to build a fuel level sensor, that will tell me when the fuel level is low and will activate the LED to turn on.


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More information would be helpful. If it is for an auto with an existing electric (not electronic) gage/sensor then it might not be too difficult. Many of the gages like that are essentially voltmeters - you could look at the voltage going to the gage to give you the indication. A detailed shop manual would be a good resource.


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low fuel level indicator

:D hi there, I have this circuit but I cant remember yet where I have filed it, from what I can recall your signal source is from the gauge fed to the schmitt trigger device then to a couple of transistors to lite up us the LED & buzzer. A modification can be made so that the LED will blink and the buzzer will give a buzz-buzz-buzz. :D

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HI all I am trying to do the same thing on my R/C helicopters .May be someone can help me on how I can do this.

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