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How to post a picture is it possible

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How can you post a picture of something from you storage on your phone to the site, even if it's only temporary image that will only last so long it would be nice to show fellow members what your talking about and help cut threw confusion, without having to explain every detail, a picture might not be worth a thousand words but could replace alot of them and would be a very great addition, you can post urls but not anything from your phone camera it would be souch easier if I could point click and show and talk about so please if there isn't a option please add one if there is please make easier or please explain how. Thanks lol


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Can you upload the picture from your camera to the cloud, such as Goggle Pictures?
From there, download it to your computer and then use Upload a File to place it in your post.


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Use the "Upload a File" button at the bottom right of your response editor. This will allow you to upload directly from your device storage.



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Not if the device storage is his phone. ;)
Yes if the device storage is his phone. Log into the site from his phone and use the "Upload a File" button.


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My Android shows the upload button. But I can't direct it to pull files from my phone. Can you?


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Use Google to navigate to ETOnline. Select the thread of interest. Choose Upload file at bottom of post/thread screen. Then select "Documents" on Android. Open from appears. Listing options on your phone navigate to your stored photo, select and it will upload. Bear in mind if picture is too large it will not upload.

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Yeah it wouldn't let me do it from my phone it only lete put in URL or a size picture that was leess than 5mb so I had to go to the computer paint reduce the size and I got it to load using more options but it wouldn't load to the site, so I had to make it my profile picture, it works here but I couldn't get it to work we're I posted a question forum, I got it one way or another it would just be nice if there was a easier option like most sites were you can choose it from your phone and possibly compress it for you.
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Thanks for everyone helping to find the easiest way, does anyone know a good online file size reducer, to make it easier for phone users.just hoping the site changes to a easier method that takes you directly to your files on your phone depending on the votes, and result of all the options
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Yeah I made the file smaller on my computer, and then went back to my phone and it looked like it was going to load up it even come on the screen like it loaded but it didn't stay after I did that I'm thinking it may have something to do with different types of phones mine is a Nexus 6p, one of the main problems is every picture I take is just barely over 5 megabytes for one so a online file size reducer or paint if your on a computer would help, just trying to figure out why it won't load after I reduced the size I will try again here but on my conversation on the Bluetooth speaker it wouldn't even though it looked like it was going to work a few people are having the same problem so just trying to find a easier method for any phone if that's the problem, thanks to everyone again
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I had to go to more options and it loaded to the page like it worked but then it didn't work when I hit back I didn't see no button to click to complete it, the only option was back as far as I could see, I will keep trying different ways till I find the easiest way for all phone or tablet or whatever, thanks for all input

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